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Gua tengah usha lu , sorry blog gua agak messy , tapi tak apa yang penting content kan ?
7 march 2014

Hai ! comel nye awak yang tengah stalk blog sy , hope dapat pedoman dari cerita-cerita sy ! ^^

Monday, 27 August 2012

It's rainy at langkawi and i feel so cold .
but just ignore that , today we are young 
teenager now is we call always on the top and lost in the bottom
why i say that ?
because now i know what is life isn't that sounds like weird
yaa so weird my english language so awful right ?

I will try my best to tell the truth story ont his entry
can is start ?
alright firstly i'm glad to tell you about my social entertainment
and i'm badly fall in love with twitter ,
for thus that have account twitter can follow me as soon as possible
i can make you like my bestfriend because
i'm friendly and you should know that..
i feel like you trying to jeer at me it's okay
we can learn from our mistake right ? yaa keep it up guys

Twitter ?
what is the best about twitter 
i can make my own tweet on many variation
sad/happy/awesome and more.
twitter is the factor that student dont want go to school
especialy me ..

my teacher says (sir nasir)
if you always type or write in english you will be genius on
that although you dont understand the meaning
i'm not good in english but i wish
taht one day my english is will be the best among
in the class and i can joining in coral speaking .*chesnut*

for oh my english i support them
because they try teach teenager who not interest in english
will make english is like simple right now ,
so if you a have a friend that did not know like me
dont jeer him/her just give their superb spirit.
see you soon..

*maaf jika entry saya membuatkan anda rasa macam nak pecahkan lappy
tapi saya mencuba untuk menjadi seorang yang mencuba untuk
mengetahui kekurangan dan kelebihan mungkin ? terima kasih
kepada yang memberi sokongan i love you babe , untuk entry seterusnya
saya akan perbaiki kelemahan kata kerja ,kata aktif dan pasif bye bye*

Stay tuned with the winner JAZEMAN JAAFAR

Dah jawab salam ?
alhamdulillah hari ney nak bercerita tentang
atlet kebanggan kita whoaa !, 
siapa lagi kalau bukan jazeman jaafar
fuhh dia memang ohhsemm gilaaa *bagi aku kayy*

menurut dari sumber pakcikk google 
dia memang disanjungi ramai dan sangat diharapkan oleh malaysia

*this is what i found in wikipedia*
for guys did not understand this u can find another url
this is just for my personal blog and i hope one day
i will be like him ,.


After beginning in karting aged six, Jaafar has won a total eleven kart race victories in both his home country Malaysia and in Belgium.

[edit]Formula Renault

In 2006, Jaafar competed in Asian Formula Renault 2.0 for the Macanese outfit Asia Racing Team at young age of 13. He finished third in the championship, eighty–one points behind champion Pekka Saarinen, taking four podiums during the season.

[edit]Formula BMW

In 2007, Jaafar competed in Formula BMW Asia. Jaafar was given special allowance to gain an international license to compete in the series when he was fourteen. Jaafar won the championship but not before the following February due to the appeal of a technical infringement.
After Round 22, and following the receipt of a post-race scrutineering report, Race Stewards issued a Decision to exclude the cars of Jaafar and team-mate Jack Lemvard for a technical infringement of the regulations. In view of the severity of the offence and the fact that the same team had contravened the technical regulations on an earlier occasion during the season, the decision also included the exclusion of CIMB Team Qi-Meritus from the 2007 championship.[1] The decision put Jaafar second in the drivers' classification at the end of the season, just one point behind Zahir Ali. Meritus submitted an official appeal on the disqualification of their drivers in the race and their exclusion from the team championship.
The Federation Automobile of Sport China confirmed that they received the letter of appeal from the team dated 5 November 2007. Team Qi-Meritus learned that the appeals lodged with FASC against the decisions of the stewards at Zhuhai were overturned in favour of the drivers and team. The decision meant that Jaafar was handed back the drivers' title and Qi-Meritus also won the constructors' trophy.[2]
Jaafar contested two seasons in Formula BMW Europe in seasons 2008 and 2009, driving for Holzer Rennsport and Eifelland Racing respectively; finishing fourteenth and ninth in the two seasons.

[edit]Formula Three

Jaafar moved into the British Formula Three Championship, starting with the 2010 season and driving for Carlin.

[edit]Racing record

[edit]Career summary

SeasonSeriesTeam NameRacesWinsPolesF/LapsPodiumsPointsFinal Placing
2006Asian Formula Renault 2.0Asia Racing Team1200041823rd
2007Formula BMW AsiaCIMB Qi-Meritus221005167681st
Formula BMW World FinalAM-Holzer Rennsport GmbH10000N/A18th
2008Formula BMW EuropeAM-Holzer Rennsport GmbH1600006714th
Formula BMW World FinalEifelland Racing10000N/A5th
2009Formula BMW EuropeEifelland Racing1600221239th
Formula BMW PacificRäikkönen Robertson Racing10000N/ANC†
2010British Formula ThreeCarlin3000028512th
Masters of Formula 310000N/ANC
Macau Grand Prix10000N/A14th
2011British Formula ThreeCarlin3000041876th
FIA Formula 3 International Trophy80001217th
Formula 3 Euro Series30000N/ANC†
Masters of Formula 310000N/A10th
Macau Grand Prix10000N/A8th
2012British Formula ThreeCarlin2210310232*3rd*
* Season in progress.
 As Jaafar was a guest driver, he was ineligible for points.

[edit]Personal life

Jaafar's hobbies are trainingmusic and reading,[3] while his favourite driver is Ayrton Senna.[3] His favourite circuit is the Circuit de Valencia.[3]

-that all from my entry-